The arts scene in the Cayman Islands has seen a real gear change in the last 10 years. We have for a long time been fortunate to be well stocked with artistic talent and passion but more recently this has changed from a fringe ‘in the know’ aspect of society, to a mainstream event. With an explosion of opportunities for the Cayman population to demonstrate their talent, be that performing artists and fashion designers, or traditional crafters and contemporary artists – Cayman now has it all.

This change has had a wider reaching impact on our community than just how we spend our free time, it also opens up the career opportunities available to us. We are seeing the youngsters on island more actively supported by their parents to cultivate a career in the arts, and more students than ever returning from studying with bachelors and masters degrees in the field. It’s not just those at the beginning of their career: more often we are contacted by candidates who have suppressed their inner creativity and pursued a more traditional career but are now looking to change that and re-discover their passion. A career in the arts is now more frequently viewed as a career and a profession that can provide not only personal fulfillment but also financial security, enabling talented people to pursue their vocation without sacrificing progression and professional achievement.

The National Gallery is at the forefront of this change in attitude. Here we provide opportunities for a career in museum management in areas such as education, curatorial and communications. In our work we support and create opportunities for artists to create and exhibit their work in new ways to engage with the public and demonstrate their talent.

For those wishing to find an office job with a difference, the National Gallery has a wide variety of opportunities. To succeed here you need to be passionate about working for a charity and passionate about our mission (to protect and to promote and encourage the appreciation and practice of the visual arts, of and in the Cayman Islands). Unfortunately, we don’t sit around all day looking at and talking about art. Working here is busy, fast paced and hard work, but it’s rewarding. You feel a part of something great and something to be proud of.

If you hold a bachelors degree or equivalent (in any field) and are interested in joining the team or would like to explore options of how to get involved in what we do, please contact [email protected] If you do not yet have a bachelors degree, or are still pursuing one, please still get in touch to find out about our internship and work experience opportunities.

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