The vital link between the Gallery and its diverse public.


Education and outreach is central to the the National Gallery’s mission and a vital part of connecting NGCI with all of its members and stakeholders. Whether one-off workshops by local and international artists or through our regular educational programmes schedule, we strive to offer a diverse selection of topics to reach all interests and skill levels.

The National Gallery’s Education Department is committed to:

  • offering an accessible, inclusive education and outreach programme schedule monthly across all three Cayman Islands
  • promoting an understanding of Caymanian arts and culture in an accessible and intellectually stimulating environment;
  • bringing art education and therapy to at-risk members of our community to assist with rehabilitation;
  • developing the Gallery’s position as an indispensable educational resource for the community;
  • providing informative educational materials that support our unique exhibitions and collections;
  • featuring various child friendly environments that are entertaining as well as educational; and
  • maintaining our position locally as a vital and energetic cultural gathering place.

Support NGCI Education

These outreach programmes are made possible at no cost through the generosity of our donors. Contributions to all areas of Education in any amount are welcome and provide important, direct support to annual programme costs. Donate to Education

Learning as

The Gallery’s Department of Education is a vital link between The National Gallery and its diverse public. A wide variety of services is provided for adults, families and school children, including lectures and guided tours to complement exhibitions, short talks, art courses and workshops, holiday activities and continuing professional development courses for primary and secondary school teachers.

Award and Competitions

The Gallery offers a perfect environment for childrens art classes for all skill levels and ages.
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The Studio

The Susan A. Olde Art Studio accommodates students of all ages and backgrounds, from preschooler to seniors. The flexible space allows NGCI to host a variety of outreach programmes, after-school art classes, workshops, presentations, and corporate art events.

The Library

The Maples Art Library comprises 2,000+ books, DVDs and journals focusing on the history of art and design along with numerous publications on arts education and the methods and materials of artistic production. NGCI Members and students have full access to the library during opening hours.

The Auditorium

The Dart Auditorium is fully equipped with state of the art audio visual equipment enabling lectures, film screenings, conferences, and presentations. This space also serves an exhibition space and is available for hire for special events.

Exhibition Halls

The upper gallery located on the second floor is home to the NGCI Permanent Art Collection, which showcases approximately 40% of the collection on rotation. Temporary exhibitions held in the lower exhibition hall along with a dynamic public engagement programming offer the community an invaluable platform for explorations of wider notions of culture and community.